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Pictures of Cats

Pictures of cats are easy to take. Taking good pictures of cats is another thing altogether. For the most part, cat pictures happen in a moment when the photographer feels like taking a picture. Unfortunately, cats have other schedules to keep and rarely feel the need for a personal portrait. The whole process can be made a bit easier if a few ideas are set up before hand so the cat just walks into the photo trap without knowing it. Pictures of cats that are memorable rarely just happen, they are planned for.

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Set design

Anybody that reads a fashion magazine or watches the occasional entertainment television show will recognize a photo set ready for the flashes to begin. Although this may sound a bit overblown for a simple picture of a cat the idea is not all that farfetched. The cat will show up in their own time and having something that is new to their surroundings is a bit irresistible for a cat. The idea is to make that irresistibility work for you. Pictures of cats are simple if you are ready for the cat.


Locate your photo set in such a way that the natural light coming through a window is maximized. Your photo set does not need to be fancy but it does need to be interesting. A chair with a solid fabric draped across it will do at a minimum. The big item here is to make sure that you know where the shadows are going to be falling before the subject shows up. This way the photographer does not cast a shadow over the subject when considering the light intensity though a window. Ideally, a bright overcast day is the best natural lighting environment. Pictures of cats are best taken without a flash. With a flash it is likely that there will be only one picture taken and it will include green eyes in the cat.


Pictures of cats are almost impossible without some sort of prop. Prop in this instance does not necessarily mean a contrived addition but rather an element within the picture. An arm chair could be a prop. If control of the cat is desired then props with interest are needed. Something on a string attached to a stick is a good idea. In this instance the prop can be dangled to get the attention of the cat and then suddenly removed from the frame for the picture. This type of prop is good because multiple pictures can be gotten before the cats' attention span wares out. Pictures of cats are best when there is little physical action taking place but it is felt or anticipated. A cat about to pounce would be an example.

Point of view

People are usually looking down at cats. This tends to limit ones perception of what a cat really looks like past their back and face, if they decide to look at you. Setting up a situation where the cat is on the same level as the camera is a solid idea. One particular method of accomplishing this comes as the photo set is being devised. Add a tripod to your camera gear list and set it up with the other set elements. Including a camera shutter release is a good idea as well. With this piece of equipment you can set the stage for where you would like the cat to be and then take the picture when it gets there without you changing its mind unintentionally. Pictures of cats will come but a few other items past the camera equipment should be considered. One such item would be a book, and another might be a cup of tea. Pictures of cats are easy but patience is a must.

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